Thursday, November 15, 2018

How long will you make it on your 401k?

     Will your 401k last you?  Want some ideas on how to stretch it out?  Let us be your mentors.  
We took the self reliance class with the church.  It was great.  Now we help other women to become successful.  Are you one of those successful people? 

     How would you like to fund your retirement income just by cleaning out your garage?   Several of us took the Church’s Self Reliance class and every year we get together and open my house as a Holiday Boutique.  It’s on Saturday, December 8 from 10-5....And there will be food to nourish you when you fall weak from shopping.  There will be lots of raffles and even if you breeze in and out you are still eligible to win!  Come with a list of questions and call to let us know you’re coming to reserve a goodie bag.  480 262 3525

     Mlee Clark will be on hand this year to show you how you can be healed or heal others with essential oils. She can also give you a hand, neck or shoulder massage (with my AVON hypoallergenic Hand creams)or give you an idea of how to become a licensed Massage Therapist. 

      Deltha Nelson (yes, President Nelson’s better half) from Camel View inherited a whole garage of material and she can show you how she does crazy interesting styles to create and sell aprons. Her store is called Apron Therapy and if you want a cute one come early as last year she was sold out by noon!   I’m sending some cute sneak peak pics under separate cover.

     I started learning web design in 1992 and devoted myself to helping other moms start an online business. All you would have to pay is the Godaddy fee for the name and I could get you advertising online. 

     Our self reliance class finally gave me the courage to start publishing my LDS (clean reading) novels and they are doing fine.  25 years ago it cost 2,000. Now I can show you how to tell your story in print for FREE, that’s right, for free.  Sandy Hannon, from El Dorado Ward considers herself a reading connoisseur and has read  all my novels. They will be there for only 5.00 and she is in charge.More on Karen's Novels

     This is also the debut of my jewelry line Kastle Kreations.  I’m on Etsy as Kastle Kreations Gifts and I have a new website  There’s not much on it yet because it’s gone in-between the time I can take a picture and try to put it online!  There will be lots at the Boutique. My style is to make it beautiful and hypoallergenic!  I use Swarovski crystal, gemstones and Murano glass beads from Italy but not on metal chains. 

     If you make jewelry and want to come set up a table please join us!  Or maybe you do something else really amazing.  Bring it!  Let’s celebrate 🎉 your talent and see if we can help your special years be less lean.   I turned 65 today and I say let’s do this in style and help as many others along the way as well!

Love ya!
Karen Meyer, Mountain Shadows Ward
Deltha NelSon, Camelview Ward
Mlee Clark, Coronado Ward
Amber Monroy, Gilbert Ward
Sandy Hannon, El Dorado Ward

Monday, November 5, 2018

The Christmas Lights - Romance blooms in Arizona

The Christmas Lights
answers the question:
Does Divine Intervention play a part in Romance?

Not looking for love, return Missionary Sam Sorensen from a family of five boys and one girl returns to the Y to finish up his last year in Journalism.  He nails the campus Disc Jockey Job and uses it to fast forward his resume potential upon graduation in 8 months.  In the meantime, he decides to sell some books back to the school to get new ones for his final year.  In doing so, he spies his dream girl and then loses her in the campus crowd.  Determined to succeed, he forges on, but she is always on his mind.

Heidi Johnson, from a family of 5 girls, also not looking for love, has just finished another year as a summer camp counselor and has received a permanent job offer to return when she graduates.  She is mesmerized by the Disc Jockey Singin' Sam's performances on the radio but she has never met him.

Heidi's family is from Malibu.  Sam's family is from Gilbert, Arizona.  Heidi's Father gets a job promotion and an opportunity for a huge raise and increased standard of living, however they must leave Malibu and move to Gilbert.  They happen to pick the home next door to Sam's family.

What will happen when they finally meet?
Can they survive the Christmas Carnival?
Someone thinks Christmas needs to be saved!
Who is the hero when two people try to kidnap Heidi and Sam's Sisters at the Temple Decoration night?
Why do the toddlers wander off on a Christmas Odyssey?

What is it about each other that makes them so irresistible?

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