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Family History Escape Room Game Plans - Everything you need!

Sally's Parents do not know who the Ghost is.  
They only know that his cryptic messages he has left in the attic
 may be the key to either some serious treasure, or may even lead them to documentation which could land Sally a College Scholarship, being the Great, Great, Great Granddaughter of a Civil War Hero.

Help them uncover the treasure

Complete game plan - laid out in Powerpoint, Word and all the clues - ready to put on this week if you want.  You just supply the various locks and props that are in the script.  Loads of fun and without realizing it, the YSA or YW/YM get some lessons in how to research using keywords and valuable life learning tools!

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Where did I get my props? 

Ebay and Amazon.com

I searched for locks and lock boxes and puzzle boxes.  Then I tried them out on all my kids (we have 12! So that was easy.  I asked them to all give these a try and watched how long it took them to open them.   One was a Physics Masters Graduate.  He finished all three in less than 10 minutes.  Everyone else was done in about 20-25.  Now my goal is to keep the YSA busy for at least an hour, so I have enough of these twists and turns in my program to do that.

You can use whatever locks you want.  You can change the pictures of locks or clues.  It's all changeable except the story line.
You could also use my storyline as a matrix, and write one of your own and sell it to others who need this type of fun.  That's how I got started.  I bought one but I didn't copy theirs so their plot and clues are still safe.

It is work to work out all the twists and turns so I don't feel guilty charging for my time to create and prepare this for others.  Feel free to email me and ask questions.  Of course, all of our own 9 Stakes and Stake Presidencies are getting my creation for free ;)

Karen S Meyer,

Just $20.00 Sent via email, so make sure I have your email address and paypal account name so I can tie the two together and send you the link to our onedrive.  Remember all the locks and things below were at ebay sometimes for less than 2.00.

(Yes, it may not seem fair, but the Stake Presidencies we represent will get the Game Plan for free.)

Here are some of the fun locks I found.  Some open with the Alphabet and others open with numbers.  I had to code my clues to what each lock can do, but you can change that part to amend whatever prop you like.  They are on sale at ebay right now - LOOK FOR:  5 LETTER LOCKS OR ESCAPE ROOM LOCKS AND PUZZLE BOXES

The shipping is pricey if you pay for 1 w/ shipping (15.00 med box priority mail) I will give you the option of
whichever one sounds good to you, or BOTH SENT ELECTRONICALLY and you'll save 5.00


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What is clean reading?

Ever see any of your friends on Goodreads and wonder why they are reading novels with horrendous words, pictures and ideas that pollute your mind?  I still do!

I wanted to create something for my family that would let them enjoy the experience of reading adventure and spy novels, but do not have explicit love scenes, or foul language.  It IS possible to live a provident live without those words and scenes.  You don't have to be a Mormon to enjoy a good Spy novel or love story.

I hope you will give my books a chance.  Even your family could read these, though, my test group were over 80 and they said, it made their heart race a bit.  So if you are feint of heart, steer clear, my LDS characters do get themselves into trouble and occasionally they need to use their weapons to get themselves out.

All of my books are .99 or free on Kindle Unlimited because it is more important to me that the world enjoy "clean" reading (no bad language) than to make money.  To have something to hand down to my grandchildren is the best intent for my project.  


Rex Sloan was bullied in High School, and not just by non-members either.  He was driven to pursue his first love of intellectual studies instead of a girlfriend.  He sought a career after his Mission to focus on, instead of marriage, which he put on the back burner to percolate.  Having trust issues, he has received a 20 year Reunion invitation which causes some anxiety.  In addition, his identity has been stolen.  He is a multi-millionaire and is having some trouble getting the Beverly Hills Police department to jump in and help him solve the mystery.  He does his own sleuth work and through investigating, finds the culprit, but keeps the mystery going as he does not reveal his
true identity.

Enjoy Private Eye Sloan and find the real thief...the one who stole his heart!



Two teens are in their Senior year and planning their lives.  They quickly learn that when we plan and are not in symphony with what Heavenly Father has planned for us our destiny becomes Uncharted.  They try to get on the path by being more in tune and understanding that Plan B may sometimes just be what He really wanted us to experience.   In the meantime, as you get to know both families, you find that one has a dark past involving World War II Stolen Art pieces.  The current generations are oblivious to this because the  Great Grandfather has not documented his family history.  He has it all in his head, hoping to find the clue his cousin left for him to clear the family of any wrongdoing by association. 

The book is a great tool for parents of youth getting ready to leave home.  

What do they need to know that first year that will help them become positive thinking, assertive young adults?

Under Cover!

(watch for a new video about this soon!)

Andie and Anson are new to the FBI field.  Recently graduated, their first mission is in California.  The job is to unmask Russian Spies who have infiltrated and stolen plans for the newest Stealth Bomber.   The FBI Chief gives the couple a beautiful home across the street from the spy and his family, allowing Anson to carpool with his neighbor to work.  Their cover is that they are a newlywed Mormon couple. 

 Now, if you have ever been a convert, you know how easy it is to misunderstand that "different" vernacular of LDS people.  So how would you like to be thrown into an undercover position without a Mormon jargon translation book?  This causes some misunderstandings which have actually occurred in convert's lives.  The funniest scene is probably trying to have an intelligent discussion with the Bishop.  Nothing gets past him.

Quest for Peace

Katie McMasters lost her brother in an accident.  Her father always treated him a little better but not because he didn't like her, it was just easier for him to relate to a boy.  Now, the father has lost his testimony, his son, and is badly injured.  Their sheep have to go to market in the fall and moving them to the lake pasture for the summer was always Tom and Pa's job.  Katie takes on the challenge to take care of them all by herself, with the help of Shep her dog, Pepper her horse and whatever knowledge Ma has imparted all these 13 years.  She is alone in a dangerous world, exposed to predators of all kinds and her goal is to make her Father proud.

Harriet Heads for Hollywood

This is a silly kids book written to teach my children to give to others instead of taking all the time.  Hey, it worked.  They are all amazing people so maybe Harriet had a hand in that.

Harriet is a Horse who does not hide her talents under a bushel.  She is the entertainment of the barnyard.  The Farmer does not want her to go off to try to be on Animal Star Search.  He decides to give her some perks of the job.  That's not good enough.  Her friends give her the Farmer's tractor and help her with directions to a little town in California called Newbury Park.  She can stay with the Owl's cousin and his family while she auditions.  The problem is, she never learned to read.  He helps her learn the word N E W so that whenever she sees that, she will stop.  She ends up going all over America in search of her goal, but giving service to others and helping them reach their goals instead.  It's a rewarding life that she is living and it gives her time to rethink what she really wants to do in this life.

This book teaches others about selfless service - it's not just another silly horse story.  Just read it and laugh...then read it to your youth and they will learn.

The Ocean Adventure

Living with someone with a big ego is difficult, especially when he is a workaholic.  Deke has a big family but he is missing out  on their youth because of his passion for his work.  It's his turn to plan the family vacation but he is missing out on their youth because of his passion for his work.  He decides to make it the "Vacation they will never forget!" and plans a one-day ocean excursion, which turns into a comedy of errors, terror and possibly before the day is over felonies will have been committed.  He learns his lesson, but those with the most integrity will decide if the correct choices were made.  He has lots of options and chances to right the wrongs and show his kids that he has integrity.  

Finding Your Treasure
Finding Mormon Treasure

We are all in search of the treasure of our lives of some kind.  For Tom, it is the treasure of family and the wish to be reunited with them after a tragic accident.  For Summer, it is in finding something that her Great Grandmother left at the property Summer inherited for her when Great Grandma Essie passed away.  
Tom and Summer meet in a comedy and adventure of errors and misjudgments and help the police with a sting operation to capture some notorious drug lords.  This novel is a fun way to learn how to and how NOT to communicate effectively!  It is a Romantic Comedy, but also a Mystery Adventure at the same time.

The Sequel to Under Cover, Escape from Cancun
(description and video located at Https://www.meyerandmeyerconsulting.com)

The Sequel to Uncharted Destiny, Destiny Unfolds 

(description and video located at https://www.meyerandmeyerconsulting.com )

Visit Karen's Author page on Amazon.com

all books can be found on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble

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