Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Our Youth are the Keys of the Future of Genealogy

RootsTech Family Discovery Day Presentation by the Oaks...
Some of the most poignant presentations were those of the Oaks, President Dallin H. Oaks, and his wife Sister Kristin Oaks, and Professor Henry Louis Gates from Harvard University

I was very touched by the participation of his family in doing family history and learning about their families.  After all, when we leave....so will the stories.  We need to get them down on paper, print, or some form of recorded media.  Watch this presentation...



THE SECTION THAT REMINDED ME THAT I SHOULD WORK WITH MY GRANDCHILDREN IS ON THIS VIDEO AT 21:49 - These are children who are actually 11 and doing research.  Where I was leery of younger people doing this work unsupervised before, this video opened my heart to the spirit of acceptance.  It's up to us to TRAIN them.  When we do it right, they can accomplish so much!


new curriculum designed for middle school kids to help them learn about DNA nationwide.  Every child will need to learn how to produce their own family tree.  This generation.....

is prime for learning about family history, DNA and computers.  They are on the computer all the time!  Why not make it a learning experience and fun!


VIDEO - When I got to section 36:46, and it talked about the Science Camp on Genealogical Research learning DNA, this blew my mind.  I really got excited about the possibility of curriculum going out to all Middle Schools in the United States.

Genealogy Road Show


This is CCMoore - She is a DNA Detective and works with Dr. Henry Louis Gates on his show.  I really enjoy her classes.

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