Saturday, March 24, 2018

What if your relatives are gone tomorrow?

At Roots Tech this year, there was a lot of emphasis on preserving your family on video, and on tape - even on your cell phone.  It's true, only you can hear them in your mind when they leave.  It's a final chance to do the right thing.

Even if they call your cell phone and you keep the message.  Do you realize what a blessing that is??  That could mean the world to one of your children or grandchildren.  We hope that these ideas will spurn a desire to spread out and interview not only the Heads of your family but relatives who know them.  Tell a story from all angles.  

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Strive to do something before Conference. I hope you have finished doing something special by then.  What a wonderful feather in your cap that would be! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

FREE LDS Adventure Book giveaway

Destiny Unfolds

 Destiny Unfolds is Volume 2 in the Destiny Series - By Karen S. Meyer - Free Give away contest at
Uncharted Destiny is Volume 1 in the Destiny Series

Zack Scott and Lexie Murphy are high school students in Uncharted Destiny who are learning that what they want is not always what God wants for them and to have Charted Destiny is to be in alignment with His plan.  Fun and chaotic family adventures would describe the Murphy family.  Old world money, only child and upper class would describe Zack Scott's world.  He needs tutoring in German so that he can one day take over his family's antique and clock store, Timeless Treasures and the Grandfather Clock Factory, which is a long time handed down tradition in the Scott Family.  Only a few people in the world know the Scott family secrets which have to do with Zack's GGGreat Uncle Rolfe Hess being a former member of the SS death squad at a young impressionable teen.  Unfortunate family events make him flee the country, but the SS cousin Rudolph Hess keeps his grips on him by forcing him to hide stolen art, gold and money.  Over 70 years later, Zack and Lexie begin the hunt to uncover and redeem the family name by giving back to society that which is the property of the descendants of Germany, Poland, France and Austria.

Destiny Unfolds take up 3 years later as Lexie graduates early from BYU with a degree in Art History and Zack returns from his mission in Hamburg.  They fall in love, marry and begin a new life helping to restore some grace to society by helping law enforcement track down more stolen art.  Follow them to Argentina where they are hot on the trail of someone who knows exactly where to look.  Of course, a series of events always seem to try to topple them but they always seem to  come up smiling and push on to success.

Uncharted Destiny is on Amazon now.  Both books will be found on - Destiny Unfolds will be released in April but there is a  contest to win a free book at several copies will be given away.  Just register before April 1, 2018

Under Cover began as two FBI agents are reluctantly accepting of an assignment to work together.  There is animosity as partners, but their Chief would like them to take an assignment to break up a Russian spy ring in California.  Set in Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks, they are given a home across from the suspect and his family and asked to portray a typical newlywed LDS couple.

Anyone who has ever been a convert knows that it is not easy at first to assimilate that position as the vernacular of LDS people is a little different than the normal public.  Things that actually happened to me as a convert were fun to allow them to portray and watch the natural consequences occur.

They solve the case, fall in love and the sequel is another assignment as a REAL newlywed couple.  They must go to Mexico, where they have no jurisdiction and convince a witness for the prosecution of a drug lord to return with them, under witness protection, and attend the trial.  The CIA, the cartel and others watch over the two and how they get themselves out of this one is nothing short of a miracle.

All books are on sale as Kindle and paperback at and Barnes and Noble.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Our Youth are the Keys of the Future of Genealogy

RootsTech Family Discovery Day Presentation by the Oaks...
Some of the most poignant presentations were those of the Oaks, President Dallin H. Oaks, and his wife Sister Kristin Oaks, and Professor Henry Louis Gates from Harvard University

I was very touched by the participation of his family in doing family history and learning about their families.  After all, when we will the stories.  We need to get them down on paper, print, or some form of recorded media.  Watch this presentation...


THE SECTION THAT REMINDED ME THAT I SHOULD WORK WITH MY GRANDCHILDREN IS ON THIS VIDEO AT 21:49 - These are children who are actually 11 and doing research.  Where I was leery of younger people doing this work unsupervised before, this video opened my heart to the spirit of acceptance.  It's up to us to TRAIN them.  When we do it right, they can accomplish so much!


new curriculum designed for middle school kids to help them learn about DNA nationwide.  Every child will need to learn how to produce their own family tree.  This generation.....

is prime for learning about family history, DNA and computers.  They are on the computer all the time!  Why not make it a learning experience and fun!

VIDEO - When I got to section 36:46, and it talked about the Science Camp on Genealogical Research learning DNA, this blew my mind.  I really got excited about the possibility of curriculum going out to all Middle Schools in the United States.

Genealogy Road Show

This is CCMoore - She is a DNA Detective and works with Dr. Henry Louis Gates on his show.  I really enjoy her classes.

Friday, March 2, 2018


Every class seemed to have this positive mantra of:

Discover your loved ones, 
Gather them together and 
Connect them for Eternity.  

We have so much to share and the conference is only 1/2 over!

Take a look at our interview with - what an awesome group of people!

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