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Holiday Boutique at Karen and Ted Meyer’s –


How long will you make it on your 401k?

Will your 401k last you?  Want some ideas on how to stretch it out?  Let us be your mentors.   We took the self reliance class with the church.  It was great.  Now we help other women to become successful.  Are you one of those successful people? 
     How would you like to fund your retirement income just by cleaning out your garage?   Several of us took the Church’s Self Reliance class and every year we get together and open my house as a Holiday Boutique.  It’s on Saturday, December 8 from 10-5....And there will be food to nourish you when you fall weak from shopping.  There will be lots of raffles and even if you breeze in and out you are still eligible to win!  Come with a list of questions and call to let us know you’re coming to reserve a goodie bag.  480 262 3525
     Mlee Clark will be on hand this year to show you how you can be healed or heal others with essential oils. She can also give you a hand, neck or shoulder massage (with my AVON hypoallergenic Hand creams)or gi…

The Christmas Lights - Romance blooms in Arizona

The Christmas Lights answers the question: Does Divine Intervention play a part in Romance?
Not looking for love, return Missionary Sam Sorensen from a family of five boys and one girl returns to the Y to finish up his last year in Journalism.  He nails the campus Disc Jockey Job and uses it to fast forward his resume potential upon graduation in 8 months.  In the meantime, he decides to sell some books back to the school to get new ones for his final year.  In doing so, he spies his dream girl and then loses her in the campus crowd.  Determined to succeed, he forges on, but she is always on his mind.
Heidi Johnson, from a family of 5 girls, also not looking for love, has just finished another year as a summer camp counselor and has received a permanent job offer to return when she graduates.  She is mesmerized by the Disc Jockey Singin' Sam's performances on the radio but she has never met him.
Heidi's family is from Malibu.  Sam's family is from Gilbert, Arizona.  Heid…
All three of us took a Self Reliance Course through our church to help our businesses flourish.  We are excited to show you our talents that we made into home businesses.  Thanks for setting the date aside.  It's really good that you are coming

Save the Date! Saturday, December 8, 2018 from 10-4pm
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Coming soon - Hope if you are in Arizona, you can make it!

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Going to Roots Tech? Get ready now!

Family History Escape Room Game Plans - Everything you need!

The Ghost of George Alley is leaving messages... Sally's Parents do not know who the Ghost is.   They only know that his cryptic messages he has left in the attic  may be the key to either some serious treasure, or may even lead them to documentation which could land Sally a College Scholarship, being the Great, Great, Great Granddaughter of a Civil War Hero.
Help them uncover the treasure

Complete game plan - laid out in Powerpoint, Word and all the clues - ready to put on this week if you want.  You just supply the various locks and props that are in the script.  Loads of fun and without realizing it, the YSA or YW/YM get some lessons in how to research using keywords and valuable life learning tools!
Everything you need for only $20.00  We will give you access to all our files
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  Where did I get my props? 
Ebay and
I searched for locks and lock boxes and puzzle boxes.  Then I tried them out on all my …
Peruvian Celebration in Fun*Food*Family*and Family History Dancers - Music Cultural Event Saturday, July 28, 2018
Hope you are able to attend a Fun Event this Saturday from Noon to 3 - Free to the Community,-111.936387,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x872b7495d5b3968d:0x23b7a45682b9003b!8m2!3d33.57881!4d-111.934193

Publishing my 9th novel this week!

In 1988, to survive an emotionally abusive, loveless marriage, I wrote LDS love stories, mysteries and spy novels. The characters were all LDS but had to use Gospel principles to make their lives better.  They had to be strong to survive.  That is what I eventually became...stronger thru the power of God.

They went into a box when my first husband said no one would ever buy them.  This year , my adoring husband Ted convinced me to have them published, but where were they?I finally had the courage this year to pray about them, walk right to them and start publishing them on Amazon.
I hope you enjoy my newest one, a sequel to Uncharted Destiny. It’s called Destiny Unfolds and will be on my Amazon site in just a few day.

Fun!  At my daughter’s college graduation I saw the girl who plays Lexie in the novel and the trailer on my page
Just like Lexie, Emily graduated from College!  Got a pic for the book!…

Temple and Family History Consultant Instructions...

How and why to use the Consultant Planner
We were hearing things like: I haven't been trained. I don't know what to do? What am I supposed to be doing with my time in this calling?
Ahh...the answers are below click on the updated PDF in our Onedrive!AjS2RGb0p-4PgkCeH17Kl9VuFCHo

Print out these flip cards,  connect them with a ring, (I laminate mine) Follow the steps until they are firmly in your mind, but always make a copy for the person you are training.

April Newsletter - NASW family history - Scottsdale Coordinating Council


What if your relatives are gone tomorrow?

At Roots Tech this year, there was a lot of emphasis on preserving your family on video, and on tape - even on your cell phone.  It's true, only you can hear them in your mind when they leave.  It's a final chance to do the right thing.

Even if they call your cell phone and you keep the message.  Do you realize what a blessing that is??  That could mean the world to one of your children or grandchildren.  We hope that these ideas will spurn a desire to spread out and interview not only the Heads of your family but relatives who know them.  Tell a story from all angles.  

thanks for reading! 

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Strive to do something before Conference. I hope you have finished doing something special by then.  What a wonderful feather in your cap that would be! 

FREE LDS Adventure Book giveaway

Destiny Unfolds

 Destiny Unfolds is Volume 2 in the Destiny Series - By Karen S. Meyer - Free Give away contest at
Uncharted Destiny is Volume 1 in the Destiny Series
Zack Scott and Lexie Murphy are high school students in Uncharted Destiny who are learning that what they want is not always what God wants for them and to have Charted Destiny is to be in alignment with His plan.  Fun and chaotic family adventures would describe the Murphy family.  Old world money, only child and upper class would describe Zack Scott's world.  He needs tutoring in German so that he can one day take over his family's antique and clock store, Timeless Treasures and the Grandfather Clock Factory, which is a long time handed down tradition in the Scott Family.  Only a few people in the world know the Scott family secrets which have to do with Zack's GGGreat Uncle Rolfe Hess being a former member of the SS death squad at a young impressionable teen.  Unfortunate family…

Our Youth are the Keys of the Future of Genealogy

RootsTech Family Discovery Day Presentation by the Oaks...
Some of the most poignant presentations were those of the Oaks, President Dallin H. Oaks, and his wife Sister Kristin Oaks, and Professor Henry Louis Gates from Harvard University

I was very touched by the participation of his family in doing family history and learning about their families.  After all, when we will the stories.  We need to get them down on paper, print, or some form of recorded media.  Watch this presentation...


THE SECTION THAT REMINDED ME THAT I SHOULD WORK WITH MY GRANDCHILDREN IS ON THIS VIDEO AT 21:49 - These are children who are actually 11 and doing research.  Where I was leery of younger people doing this work unsupervised before, this video opened my heart…