Thursday, September 28, 2017

LDS Adventure Novels - Available on Amazon and Good Reads

LDS Mystery Adventure Novels

Dedicated to Clean Reading and the Re-Establishment or Re-enforcement of Family Values in the Home

When I was a younger mother, I wrote many novels and read them to my children.  Friends who were teachers read them to their classes.  It was good clean reading, with a message to learn.

I have begun to have them published and they are available on Amazon.

The first three are:

Under Cover!

Quest for Peace,
To be loved unconditionally by your Father

Harriet the Horse Heads for Hollywood,
Living the life of Service while pursuing your Dreams

By Karen S Meyer

You can read more about them at this link:

Friday, September 22, 2017

What do you need? Maybe we can help

Is Training easy for you to get in your Ward?  Please take this little survey and let's get more training to the people who need it.

The 1st Presidency has made all FH materials obsolete (Turn the Hearts, or the Brown or Green FH Teaching Guide and Manuals for classrooms) with the exception of the Consultant Planner and the concept of Find, Take and Teach on a one on one basis.  No one in the Church told me to ask these questions of you - we are just curious if you are getting the training on the new products.  If you have had no training at all please jot down - it's amazing! Let us know what you need.


Welcome to our site.  We hope this is a "feel good about your future" video!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Family History Training - Anyone?

Training, Training, Here Training, There Training!

We get the privilege of training new Consultants and Leaders on the newest training methods and materials that the Church has to offer!  Are you getting what you need to succeed in the search for your Ancestors?

The most important thing you need to have is the desire to learn.

If you don't know anything at all about family history - go here first:

If I had to start all over again, this is where I would go to:

1. learn more about the computer and how to make it my friend (I know people who think it's their enemy)
2.  Learn about researching and tools.
3.  Learn the Standards, so that we don't create duplicate records.
4.  Learn where to find training materials in English OR Spanish - (read on I have a treat for you!)
5.  Learn what materials are obsolete.
6.  Learn what I should be focusing on.

If you are a Consultant or just learning how to be one go here:



What in the world is the Consultant Planner?
This is a tool that reaches through the internet, sifts out all the pertinent information just for your family and hands it to you on a platter.  If you are helping someone, no lie, it will make you look like their Hero in 5 minutes - I want this for YOU! (Even though we all know it's really their Angels helping us get this all straight!

Here is an example - Most of these relatives come from the US - so our goal is to fill in the WHITE spaces.  Look to the right - if I click on the first one, she have a name to take to the Temple! - no problems
2nd one - There are 2 which need a birthdate or death date added to the file - EASY!
3rd one - This one has  2 people who need to be merged with a duplicate record then it's all clear to go to the Temple.
4th one - This person has 95 records that have been cyber picked for her relatives - these are records which will clear up any problems she may have.
5th one - Featured Records - These records may be the all coveted Birth Certificates, Death Certificate and Marriages that solidify her ancestor's existence.
6th one - This person has 20 records that will clear up the death records by showing a picture of the headstone.  (Read Below about the value of and
7th one -  This person who DIDNT think she had ANY Pioneers because she was a convert to the Church.....actually has 17 Pioneers today - tomorrow there may be MORE!
8th one -  Today two of her people actually fought in the War of 1812 to help solidify the Independence of our Great Nation

Don't you feel happy for her?

What if I'm Spanish or helping people who only speak Spanish?

This is a COMPLETE compliment of every training document we have currently and these are in Spanish!

Why are headstones so important in family history?
There are documents that help and some that do not.   Going to and and finding information about a relative can clear up some vagueness in your research.

Sometimes you will have two dates of death.  Sometimes they are a month apart, sometimes they are only about 5 days apart.  In the Hebrew culture, when a person dies, they must be buried within 24 hours (before the next setting sun) so those are pretty easy to figure out the death date.  But others with a variance sometimes means "This is the day he died" and THIS was the day he was buried, or interred, or entombed which can be 5 days to a month later.  If it is 6 months later, check to see if the person lived in a place where there was snow.  Many times, the body was wrapped for burial and placed in a shed until the ground was soft enough in the spring thaw to bury.  

A picture of a headstone is important because it will say the date of death.  Also, someone the person knew had to be there to help fill out the paperwork so this would be considered more accurate for the DEATH dates.  If the birth date is different than the birth certificate it is because the friend or family member guessed at the birth date or year when filling out the paperwork for the headstone when it was being ordered.

CERTIFICATES WHICH ARE PROBABLY MORE ACCURATE are ones where the person had to be there to answer the question, so in front of a Census taker (Enumerator) they had to swear that the information they gave him/her was indeed accurate to the best of their knowledge.  So Census are considered pretty accurate.  

You must always remember that the Census taker was only human and always motivated by m o n e y.  If they could not get the information from the actual family who lived at the location, they went to a neighbor or talked to people in town which was not exactly honest.  Here is some information about Census takers and how much they made.  It comes from this site:

MARRIAGE LICENSES - The person had to be there to answer the questions.
BIRTH CERTIFICATES - right! the person had to be there, but his Parents knew him/her the best and they answered the questions.
DEATH CERTIFICATES - sometimes "iffy" read above.

DATES:  Depending on the time of year the census was taken, you can have a legitimate 2 year variance in age - so don't panic if your dates are a little off.

Hope this helps!  Always ask - if I don't know, I can find out!

Promised Blessings - A Challenge for every Member in North America South West Area to have their 4 generations by 12/31/2017

Have you Watched the Gatherers in your Ward?

Read the sheet as you watch the ppt/video
Pause when it says to watch the video A SACRIFICE OF TIME

A Sacrafice of time

Families gathering families on both sides of the veil

Promised Blessings of Family HIstory



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