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THE STORY BEHIND "Under Cover!" By Karen S Meyer -FREE GIVEAWAY DETAILS! now available on Amazon

THE STORY: Under Cover! By Karen S Meyer
It’s 1990 and a coup has overtaken the Russian Government.
America needs to keep her guard up and her two newest FBI agents are struggling to get along with each other. They respect each other for their strengths, but would never volunteer to work together.

The Director assigns them to work together under cover to stop a Russian spy ring in California at Northrup.

They know there is a leak, but are not clear on how the secrets are leaving the building. Plans for the newest Stealth Bomber are at risk.

Not only do they have to work together, they need to become a newlywed couple in love...and Mormon because that is something the spies would never suspect.

Probably the most important words in the book are when the Director tells them that "This is the Book of Mormon. Read it, Learn it, know it, Live it. That is all."  

That truly might sound easier than it is to do, but Andie knows about Anson’s past as a Naval Air Top Gun Pilot and all about his heroic mission.  However that mission was not without a price.  A near fatal mishap with his plane has caused him to not enjoy air travel.   She also knows the commitment to lifestyle change when you choose to live as a Mormon. They are to meet at the Dulles International Airport in the morning for their flight to California. This is their chance to prove their worth to their Country, crack the case and become heroes.  First, Anson must conquer his fear of flight without alcohol.

The agency has given them a completely furnished home right across from the suspect’s
home.  There is a bungalow in the back which houses former McCarthy era agents who will watch over the couple as their housekeeper and handyman.   It has 5 bedrooms but the master bedroom remains unoccupied.  The two side bedrooms are occupied by Andie and Anson respectively as it should be.  They are merely posing as a married couple to outsiders.

There are some interesting moments, like when they have a catered event at their new home and a couple from the church wanders upstairs at different times.  One happens into the master bedroom, which obviously, is just for show and the other accidentally goes into the surveillance room.

The husband, a former Top Gun wingman of Anson’s, knows something is afoot as soon as he steps into the room.  With his military experience, he knows a top secret surveillance operation when he sees one.  He does not mention it to his wife.  She in turn, after seeing the separate bedrooms and the obviously unoccupied Master Bedroom, is sure they are having marital difficulties and in need of counseling by what she encounters. She does not mention this to her husband.

One of Andie’s objectives is to get close to the Wife and daughter of the suspect.  What they don’t realize is that they are being held hostage and terrorized by the Russians for the plans.  So learning about little Faith and why she is sad all the time is as important as bugging John Smithe’s home.

Anson, working in concert with the management, creates a con to exchange briefcases, enter the airlock in the Lab and switch the microdots.

 The culminating scenes occur when a Victor Class 2 Russian Nuclear Sub enters the waters in Ventura on the beaches at Malibu.  The plans are handed off to the away team of the sub.  While the away team raft bobs in the surf, some crewmen scramble back into the raft and the FBI team goes to guns to finalize their mission.

A thrilling adventure awaits you.  I hope you enjoy this book.

When asked what inspired such an endeavor, Karen mentioned, "I spoke to several people who worked there at the real Northrop from the 60s to the 90s and were my neighbors.  They later said that the security there was not the best; plans could have possibly escaped detection but there was no evidence of that. That perked my interest to further investigate and imagine the possibilities.  Since I was there in Newbury Park when the plant closed down and knew a couple of the employees personally, I saw how its closure affected the community.  Of course, the Coup was really in 1991 and I spelled Northrop as Northrup in the novel to differentiate between fiction and non-fiction.”

My audience is clearly LDS based.  An example of LDS humor is exchanged when meeting with the Bishop.  He merely asks them if they have Temple Recommends.  Here’s an excerpt:

          “About Temple Recommends”, he waited for their reply with eyebrow’s raised.

          “Uh.  I don’t know.  Honey, what do you think? Do you know of any that you could recommend?”, Anson was stuck.  He was drowning and begging for a rope.

          “Let’s see”, Andie chimed in, “there’s one in Oakland.  I heard it has beautiful golden spires that light up at night on the hill.  Breathtaking.  I would certainly recommend that one.  And then there’s one in Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s supposed to be pretty nice to visit”, she smiled knowing that she had aced that question,

          “Uh-huh.  Is there anything you would like to get off your chest?  Anything at all?”  The Bishop’s eyes seemed to look right into their souls.

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