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Exploring your Native American Heritage

A couple of weeks ago, I happened to attend Church on the Papago Reservation and was so impressed with the people.  It made me realize that when you live on a reservation, your heritage is much easier to unravel because all of the records are right there.  Elders who were there, spoke of knowing the grandparents of several people and even their great grandparents.   It was such a loving experience.  I felt the heavens open up through their eyes and absorbed the pride that the parents who had gone before had in their earthbound children who were carrying on great traditions.  It was a tremendously Spiritual experience for me.

I have been trying to trace my heritage back for years.  I had a picture of my Great Great Grandfather, Joseph Lyons who with his wife Mary walked the trail of tears.  However, one of my children took it for show and tell without telling me and lost it at school.  That was a tragedy.

I have family folklore about mother walking downtown in Banty, Oklahoma, near Durant and people asking her if she were an injun'.  "You didn't dare say yes because it would open a can of whoop ***", she said.  That was in 1928 when she was 4 and my grandfather, the Grandson of Joseph and Mary,( we didn't know last names) lost his battle with life from inhaling mustard gas from a faulty World War 1 gas mask.   It literally made his intestines disintegrate over time.  That was the second tragedy
Walter Riley Collins 1918
Walter Riley and Dora Collins with their baby
born in 1920

The third is that when I first started researching the Collins - we didn't know Caroline's maiden or married name was Lyons.  But found it on My Great Grandparent's marriage license, so that was a break.  But we found that after 20 years because it was .

It's been a struggle, and because I have been working so hard at it, the visit to the Papago Ward was that much sweeter.  My family doesn't belong to their tribe - we are of the Cherokee descent.  If you have been watching the news some interesting things have evolved about Cherokees and taking the Ancestry and 23and me DNA tests solidified my research and theories.

Did you know that Cherokees migrated here from the North Western tip of Africa and the Iberian Peninsula - which at one time were joined together like a puzzle -

Here is an excerpt from The American Indian, Descendent of the Lost Tribes?

"Last month’s column sketched the “basis” for the belief that the American Indian is descended from the Ten Lost Tribes. One of the foremost proponents of this theory was the Indian trader James Adair (c.1709-1783). In 1775 he wrote The History of the Indians,[i]arguably the most significant eighteenth-century work on the southeastern Indians, in which he presented 23 arguments that “proved” the North American aborigines were descended from the Ten Lost Tribes. These are:
“1. Their division into tribes. 2. Their worship of J-hov-h. 3. Their notions of a theocracy. 4. Their belief in the administration of angels. 5. Their language and dialects. 6. Their manner of counting time. 7. Their prophets and high priests. 8. Their festivals, fasts and religious rites. 9. Their daily sacrifice. 10. Their ablutions and anointings. 11. Their laws of uncleanliness. 12. Their abstinence from unclean things. 18. Their marriage, divorces and punishments of adultery. 14. Their several punishments. 15. Their cities of refuge. 16. Their purifications and preparatory ceremonies. 17. Their ornaments. 18. Their manner of curing the sick. 19. Their burial of the dead. 20. Their mourning for the dead. 21. Their raising seed to a deceased brother. 22. Their change of names adapted to their circumstances and times. 23. Their own traditions, the account of English writers; and the testimonies given by Spaniards and other writers of the primitive inhabitants of Mexico and Peru.”

and from this site:

There are theories about the Cherokee Tribe originating in Israel and migrating to the Iberian Peninsula.  When we did my DNA, it said I was only 1% Native American, yet my family just happens to have populated America early in the 1600-1700 time frame in the North Carolina/South Carolina area which is typical of the Cherokee Nation

This shows where those people with the same Haplo groups of the Cherokee Nation settled in the early 1700s

If you have any idea about your Native American History, it would be wise to take a DNA test.
We have taken 3 now.  had results that said I was only 1% but their documentation of the migratory patterns were excellent
My only slightly paralleled my research with my family.  They missed the boat entirely saying that I was 1% JAPANESE.  That does not follow any logic that I have been able to prove or  disprove.

Our Favorite was 23 and Me - This gave me over 77 reports that paralleled my research, matched's records and also gave me many medical reports that confirmed that I do not have the Alzheimer's Gene - whew! and many other enlightenments.

It was well worth the cost.  Let me know how it goes for you!


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