Saturday, April 8, 2017

Romance, Spies, Intrigue....and Mormon? Read my new Novel!

Available now on Amazon!

My new LDS Novel is trending on Amazon!  It's a fast moving spy novel set on the California Coast.

 It’s 1990 and a coup has overtaken the Russian Government.   America needs to keep her guard up and this graduation will be the largest class in the history of the FBI.  Two FBI agents struggle to get along with one another during attendance at the FBI Academy.  They respect each other for their strengths, but they do not like each other and would never volunteer to work together.   Upon Graduation, The Academy Director assigns them to work together to stop a Russian spy ring in California at Northrup.  They know there is a leak, but are not clear on how the secrets are leaving the building.  Plans for the newest Stealth Bomber are at risk.  Not only do they have to work together, they need to be a newlywed couple in love...and Mormon because that is something the spies would never suspect.     Andie winces when the Director says, "This is the Book of Mormon.  Read it, Learn it, know it, Live it.  That is all".   They are to meet at the Dulles International Airport in the morning for their flight to California.  This is their chance to prove their worth to their Country, crack the case and become heroes.  A thrilling adventure awaits.

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