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We are in Salt Lake City this week, enjoying learning more things to get out to our Ward and Stake Families and friends who would like to know more about where their people came from.

The new technologies will make it easier and more fun for you to document your family history and that of your friends around you who wish help.

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What is new in Family Search?

What is new in - OH MY GOSH!!!!
Did you get a DNA test and get the results?  For no additional cost - look what they are going to do for us!!!  All happening in March 2017

Each beautiful color represents a genetic community.
 Ancestry will now not only show you what genetic community you belong in, they will show you the migratory pattern of your people.  Can I get a What? What!

There was a contest of APP inventions to make things easier for our searching.....

New Innovations in Software and Apps


My new book is out! Check Amazon!

Mystery, Romance, Thriller and Spies......and Mormons....?  You will love this!

Under Cover
It’s 1990 and tensions between the United States and the Russian Government are high.. America needs to keep her guard up and this graduation will be the largest class in the history of the FBI. Two FBI agents struggle to get along with one another during attendance at the FBI Academy. They respect each other for their strengths, but they do not like each other and would never volunteer to work together. Upon Graduation, The Academy Director assigns them to work together to stop a Russian spy ring in California at Northrup. They know there is a leak, but are not clear on how the secrets are leaving the building. Plans for the newest Stealth Bomber are at risk. Not only do they have to work together, they need to be a newlywed couple in love...and Mormon because that is something the spies would never suspect. Andie winces when the Director says, "This is the Book of Mormon. Read it,…

Let's get started! How to do your Family History!

First, download this pedigree chart. 
YOU are #1 - so fill out your name in the #1 slot.  Enter when you were born, enter where you were born, did you get married?  There is a space for your spouse.#2 is your Father - enter his information  #3 is your Mother - enter her information.Now follow and enter everything  you know about your relatives.  Realize that some of this information will be proven false by the collection of birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, obituaries and probate records.

I see that this is not numbered - so you are the first blank - next two are your parents - Dad on Top
Next 4 are their parents, and so forth.

Use this paper to make notes on.

When you get as much as you can filled in, let's go to the next step.  Keep in touch here and I'll show you what to do next.

How did Cholera effect your Genealogy?

John Snow was the first to really look at Cholera scientifically.  He rejected the idea that Cholera was due to bad air.  He felt that Cholera was spread by some matter that the victim "threw off" - like vomit, bowel movements, etc., - and he was right - that was in 1850s. (1)
His thinking on disease was largely ignored, however, mainly because he rejected the then widely accepted belief that foul air, or miasma, was to blame. He reasoned, correctly, that cholera was spread when some of the matter thrown off by a victim — the vomit or the massive cloudy discharges from the bowels — found its way into a healthy person’s mouth. He also explained the disease’s frightening habit of striking hundreds of people simultaneously without warning: the cause was infected sewage leaking into the water supply, a common occurrence in the first half of the 19th century. He was not believed. - See more at: http://blog.oup.c…