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Your Family Left England and you can't find evidence of them arriving....

Finding your cousin's family...

 is the newest addiction after you master your own line.  Finding them on a Ship Manifest in the 1800s will guide you to the port where they settled.  You can check census data from that point on in the neighboring counties of the port.  Many times, families lived within the same "ward" or neighborhood.  You might see two families with the same last name on the same block.

But here is a puzzle.

   What do you do when you can't seem to locate the ship manifest showing what port?  It is possible that they arrived NOT at Ellis Island, which opened Jan 1, 1892, but Arrived in Louisiana?  Stranger things have happened!  That is what happened to me.  I kept looking on the Eastern Seaboard and came up with vague facsimiles of my family, close names, close ages, but I wasn't convinced that was them.  Since my tree is public, a distant cousin of mine had the answer.  They had landed in New Orleans on December 5, 1883.

But what if you can…

Stuck in 1846-1866? Here are some ideas you might not have thought of...

Breaking through a wall of non-information

Scenario:  Father, Mother and 5 kids all 2 years apart are together in 1840, however, living in 1850 only the Mother and 3 younger kids appear on the census.  

Possible answers - Older sibings have married and moved out.  Family still seems to live in the same area of Ohio, but there is no information on the Father, just the Mother living alone with 3 kids.

You have checked death records for 
1...County of the last census. - no father
2....Checked the surrounding Counties and wards near the county borders.
3.... Checked the Obituaries and death records in all surrounding counties.
4....Checked county of Mother and kids for Probate Records and Wills of the Father
      check for nicknames of the father or middle name.
5....Checked Ancestry for journals, stories and pictures.
6....Checked prison records?
7....Look at his profession

Hint -in the case that he was an 1840, miner…