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New LDS Adventure mystery

New LDS Adventure Mystery....Thriller!

Join Lexie and Zack as they solve one of the most current International Crime Cases!

Watch this video.  Available on Amazon and Goodreads

LDS Adventure Novels - Available on Amazon and Good Reads

LDS Mystery Adventure Novels
Dedicated to Clean Reading and the Re-Establishment or Re-enforcement of Family Values in the Home
When I was a younger mother, I wrote many novels and read them to my children.  Friends who were teachers read them to their classes.  It was good clean reading, with a message to learn.
I have begun to have them published and they are available on Amazon.
The first three are:
Under Cover!
Quest for Peace, To be loved unconditionally by your Father

Harriet the Horse Heads for Hollywood, Living the life of Service while pursuing your Dreams
By Karen S Meyer
You can read more about them at this link:
Books by Karen Meyer - with Video and Info

What do you need? Maybe we can help

Welcome to our site.  We hope this is a "feel good about your future" video!

Family History Training - Anyone?

Training, Training, Here Training, There Training!

We get the privilege of training new Consultants and Leaders on the newest training methods and materials that the Church has to offer!  Are you getting what you need to succeed in the search for your Ancestors?

The most important thing you need to have is the desire to learn.

If you don't know anything at all about family history - go here first:

If I had to start all over again, this is where I would go to:

1. learn more about the computer and how to make it my friend (I know people who think it's their enemy)
2.  Learn about researching and tools.
3.  Learn the Standards, so that we don't create duplicate records.
4.  Learn where to find training materials in English OR Spanish - (read on I have a treat for you!)
5.  Learn what materials are obsolete.
6.  Learn what I should be focusing on.

If you are a Consultant or just le…

Promised Blessings - A Challenge for every Member in North America South West Area to have their 4 generations by 12/31/2017

Have you Watched the Gatherers in your Ward?

Read the sheet as you watch the ppt/video
Pause when it says to watch the video A SACRIFICE OF TIME

A Sacrafice of time

Families gathering families on both sides of the veil

Promised Blessings of Family HIstory



Last Week I experienced an amazing Miracle!

See you can find good clean interesting reading online! Thanks for reading Under Cover!
Quest for Peace
Uncharted Destiny
Under Cover!

I was trying to figure out which of my 6 businesses I wanted to focus on.  I finally decided to pray about that.  I don't know why I didn't do that earlier except that the way I was raised, you weren't supposed to pray for yourself, as it was considered selfish in that religion.  You were really really not supposed to pray for a horse, or for money, or for new roller skates for yourself - that was the bottom line.  When  you are raised like that, it's SO easy to pray for everyone else except yourself.

Suffice it to say, I tried it.  I had written 6 novels in 1988-1992 and did not do anything with them.  My self esteem was pretty fragile and I didn't want to be rejected so they sat in a closet.  When I moved there, I put them in a box and brought them but the box got lost.  After I prayed about them, I actually was inspired to walk to the…

Getting more Young Women and Young Men to learn about Family HIstory

We are always trying to come up with innovative ways to involve Young Women and Young Men in Family History.  We have started encouraging extending callings them to become Temple and Family History Consultants.

With (an instant training program to get them off and running), to teaching them how to use the Consultant planner (, they can become a Ward Hero in 5 minutes as it shows them how to find instant successes, i.e., Temple Opportunities, Find a Grave records and Vital Records to attach to files, Memories of Pioneers and War Heroes to attach are easily pointed out to them for "click on me" instant access.

Their self esteem is increased as their success record exudes smiles on their audience.  It's a blessing to see!  So to complete the invitation, I created some cards to get them excited about coming in and experiencing Find, take and Teach.  Here is a picture of what the Young Women could create to take to less ac…


Let me paint the picture.  You are at a Ward Council meeting and the Bishop looks to you for support - for a report on how the Ward is doing with Family History.  What is your progress?  What are the Consultants working on?  Wouldn't you like to have the answers?

Wouldn't you like to say, "We have 35% increased activity this month with 7 Consultants actively calling and scheduling appointments to go over the Consultant Planner with the members.  Last Month we taught 6 people this month we  taught 11".

This template will allow you to get the numbers and every month, when the Consultants share the template on a -  they can make calls, find out information and log it here.  At the Bottom, it tallies all the logistical information and when you click on report, it shows a printable  report that is already formatted.

This template allows for the Lead TFHC to print a report at the end of the month just by clicking on the tab at the bottom


The Blessings of learning out our Ancestors Medical History

Using clues from the past to solve your Grandchildren's medical problems
Death Certificates are not necessarily a depressing document.  Some people do not like to look for Death Certificates because they feel like it is morose subject.   Others have found that just a glimpse to the past, will help them fix the problems that may arise because of a hereditary gene that may predispose them or their children to a disease that killed an ancestor...or several ancestors.

In my family, looking at the death certificates, the most were some form of cancer - mostly lung (from smoking or being around second hand smoke),  colon cancer (from years high fat diet), and coronary problems (many uncles and father had quadruple bypass surgeries).

I know of other families where the grandparent's doing family research helped solve a cancer problem in the kidneys that plagued their family for decades.  The only way the doctor knew it was hereditary was because of the diligent efforts of mapping by do…