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DNA AND GENEALOGY - What is real? What is truthful?

In order to confirm DNA matching, a scientist requires live dna.  This can be from saliva, bone marrow, the pulp of teeth, - L I V E tissue.  So do you find it confusing when someone lists

Smith, John (DNA PROVEN!) 
Born 3-16-1532 Northumberland,
England Died 12-1-1600 Massachusetts

How is it possible unless they went to Massachusetts and dug up his grave only to find dust and very brittle, non viable pulp in the marrow?  Can they add water and reconstitute it like hot cocoa?  Well actually they CAN - but they don't.  They pay it forward,  So when I am wrong, I admit it. At Roots Tech today I learned that basically what they do is take the paper genealogies of those people who claim lineage to someone famous, for example.  Then they do DNA tests on them.  When they find a chain leading back 10 generations of Y haplo groups, apparently that is all that is needed.  It's getting to be a more amazing world each day.  I hope I always learn something new every day of my life - esp…