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What is this thing called Indexing?

Everyone is invited  to the  World Wide Indexing Event - 2016 - When? July 15, 16, 17 What?  It's a marathon event held at LDS Stake Centers, and Meeting Houses, EVEN your own home for 72 hours but at the Camelback Stake Building there will be FOOD!
Donate 1 hour or 4 - whatever you can! You don't have to do the whole 72 hours by yourself! Purpose:   We want at least 20 people from each ward or community (does not have to be LDS just interested in documenting history) Why?   Indexing is a relatively new way to document historical events.  Imagine someone opening a trunk in their attic and finding documents that no one has ever seen before.  They get out their phone or scanner and take pictures of these documents - which by the way, is great!

HOWEVER, The picture is only searchable by the name of the picture. Valuable information on the document is not searchable because when you click on the  picture of the birth or death certificate, nothing goes anywhere.
WHAT DO WE DO?   We look at pic…