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Hit a brick Wall in your Genealogy?

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BOOK - (ONLINE AS WELL) - Marsha Hoffman Rising, author of a book I’m studying called “The Family Tree Solver – tried-and-true-tactics for tracing elusive ancestors”Has your family history research hit a brick wall? Marsha Hoffman Rising's best-selling book The Family Tree Problem Solver has the solutions to help you find the answers you seek.
Inside you'll find:
  • Ideas on how to find vital records before civil registration
  • Tips for finding "missing" ancestors on censuses
  • Instructions for investigating collateral kin to further your pedigree
  • A look at advanced court records and how they can help you find answers
  • Work-arounds for lost or destroyed records
  • Techniques for correctly identifying and researching ancestors with common names
  • Methods for finding ancestors who lived before 1850
  • Case studies that show how to apply the author's advice to real-life research roadblocks
  • Strategies for analyzing your problem and creating a successful research plan
This revised edition also includes new information about online research techniques and a look at the role of DNA research.
Plus you'll find a glossary of genealogy terms and more than a dozen templates for charts and logs to help you organize and record your research. Let The Family Tree Problem Solver help you find the answers you need today.

Contents of the Family Tree Problem Solver

Chapter 1: The First Step: Analyzing the PRoblem and Planning a Strategy for Success
Chapter 2: Finding Births, Marriages, and Deaths Before Civil Registration
Chapter 3: Why Does the Census Taker Always Miss My Ancestor?
Chapter 4: Consider the Collateral Kin: Genealogical Researech in the Full Family Context
Chapter 5: Your Day in Court
Chapter 6: What to Do When The Courthouse Burned
Chapter 7: Give Me Land - Lots of Land
Chapter 8: Sorting Individuals of the Same Name
Chapter 9: The Critical Connection: Finding Ancestors Who Lived Before 1850
Chapter 10: Ten Mistakes Not to Make in Your Family Research
Chapter 11: Analysis of Evidence
Additional Feature50 Black & White Illustrations
Author/Speaker/EditorMarsha Hoffman Rising
File TypePDF
ISBN 139781440311949

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