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Looking for ancestors or ghost hunting?

What is the difference?  Both hobbies are trying to accomplish the same thing.  They are trying to build a bond between the living and the dead; between the past and the future.  Sometimes I think the adversary uses one to focus on evil instead of focusing on messages from our angel ancestors.  That's just my opinion.

With searching for Ancestors, I've had a lot of great luck.  Learning about different sources, using technology, mingling family lore all together, we've been able to put together some pretty fantastic puzzles, bringing a lot of comfort to those who yearn for a link to the past.

One of the best tools a genealogist can use is - because unlike family lore and "...well, it's true because Grandma told us...", the data is right on the headstone.  So why all the rush to gather information off of headstones?  Blame it on the elements, acid rain, time, wrong type of stone for the headstone resulting in an disintegration of a  monument, s…

How would you be Remembered? Pay it Backward!

What in the world does this picture have to do with my Ancestors coming to America? Read on to find out!  I had a lot of requests to put this on the blog - I hope you enjoy it too!
What in the world does this picture have to do with my Ancestors coming to America?  Read on to find out!
When your family takes stock of your inventory when you pass, what will they find?  Amos Troutman possessions in his will stated 4 head of cattle, 1 gun, 1 oxen, 1 yoke, 1 bible, and 1 large marble.  Not the kind of marble you play with….not a big glass marble, but a slab of marble so that on his headstone, his final resting place would be marked and would tell the future generations that 1) he was here and 2) what he had accomplished.   How will you be remembered?  We all have ways of documenting our lives but having that slab of marble in our possession speaks volumes.  It says, “Don’t forget me”. We are all at our ebb tide, which is poetry for defining and documenting the highs and lows in our life.   Wh…

Would you like to see your Great Grandfather's handwriting?

I never knew my Grandfathers.  They died before I was born.  I do have a couple of pictures.  a picture is wonderful because you can look into your Grandfather's eyes and see his destiny - the reflection of all his hard work, sacrifice and love, is you.
What I wanted was to connect in a more personal way.  I wanted to see how he wrote.  A lot can be surmised by your ancestor's handwriting.  As my grandmother Dora got older, her handwriting got bigger and bigger and shakier until she just started typing letters by memory how to type.  Macular Degeneration runs thick and deep in my ancestors, so I can look forward to the same.  Seeing Gran's writing calms me and tells me that I will be able to be ok even when old and blind.
Seeing my Grandfather's handwriting on his World War I application, I see courage and strength.  He could not know that his life would be cut tragically short because of faulty gas masks in the Army.  The mustard gas disintegrated his intestines and …

Looking for Death Records or Places of Death or Burial

Looking for Death Records or Places of Death
When searching for a Death Record, accept and use information in this order according to accuracy and chances for success. Ancestry's documentation of these databases is exceptional.
Social Security Death IndexDeath Certificatesfindagrave.compersonal family knowledge
Karen, "Why do you put personal family knowledge last?"
For years this genealogy went on the dates provided by the grandmother.  She said that the person in question died on Thanksgiving Day in a certain year.   She just picked the 4th Thursday in a month a random "22" and put that date down with the "correct" year -  The lineage all but stopped going back due to incorrect data
To verify the data, I entered this in google -  Thanksgiving Day in 1919
It returned "November 27, 1919"
After inputting that data correction, suddenly the hints started flying and within 4 hours, I had corroborated, true data leading to the Mayflower in 1620.

How does a Search Engine work in Genealogy?


 A search engine gives you fields within data that you can search for. It will ask you the:

Last name,
Date of Birth,
Place of Birth,
Date of Death,
Place of Death

 So if you give it the last name of Smith, YOB 1953, Arizona, it will return results of all people with the last name of Smith, born in 1953 in Arizona. more to come!

Look at your Pedigree Sheet.  You can right click on this and print it out.Add every fact that you know for a fact - do it in pencil - When you corroborate data, you find out that your family did not always have the facts.When you are searching always try using the "sounds like" or "soundex" option in case someone documenting their existence did not ask the correct spelling and just spelled phonetically.Now lets go to the first blank field.Enter what you know.Let's say you know your parents were married in Califorrnia.California has listed all the marriages for the entire state in Anc…

What is coming out from in 2016?

With 2015 being so profitable for - what else is going to happen in the field of Genealogy? is releasing over 100 million Irish Records in 2016. 
GenealogyInTime Magazinemaintains the most complete list available on the internet of the newest genealogy record sets from around the world. We tell you what you need to know. We also maintain lists ofnew records by country. Please note many of the free records discussed below can also be conveniently searched using theGenealogy Search Engine. February 2016US– in concert with the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society (AAHGS) and the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture have announced the project to transcribe the Freedmen’s Bureau records has reached the important milestone of one million transcribed records. Nearly 16,000 volunteers have contributed to this effort. The target is to get the entire collection online by the middle of June 2016. This is a …