With very little information you can find your family's Heritage.

Inspirational Stories from Genealogy - Good Housekeeping

Saving papers and pictures from our Relatives before us can pay off!

This is a story of a young woman who did not know her Grandparent's past.  She kept asking her parents where they came from and all they would say is, "We're Jewish".  Finally going through some papers she found a piece of paper that said, "Katie Roskin, Housewife, Russia"   Upon further research and networking with a distant cousin, it was revealed that mostly all of Katie's family had been murdered in the Holocaust and Katie had escaped!  Read this inspiring story and think about how many papers, even scraps of papers or pictures with names on the back might reveal about your family.  Genealogy is like a mystery - a true life puzzle.


Research finds another Grandmother - a survivor of the Holocaust.


Wondering how her Grandfather would have treated her...Jennifer Teege tells an inspiring story about her Genealogy Research.


A simple train ticket unlocked a myriad of clues for Julia Park Tracey



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