Genealogy wishes and dreams fulfilled! Just start at square 1....

Where is square 1?  That is you!  Go to or and get a free account.  Start with what you know.

Your name, your date of birth and where you were born.

Your parents names and dates of birth and where they were born.
Where did they get married?  When?
Add When did they die?  Where?

Now.  In Family Search there are billions of records and it's really possible that someone may already have your grandparents in the data base so always
CHECK if they are already in the database before going any further.

If not, add them!

write to me at and tell me how you are doing.  Where are you stuck?  Do you know anyone who would like me to do their genealogy for them?  I can do it for 25.00/hour and I can get substantial results within one week.

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