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DNA AND GENEALOGY - What is real? What is truthful?

In order to confirm DNA matching, a scientist requires live dna.  This can be from saliva, bone marrow, the pulp of teeth, - L I V E tissue.  So do you find it confusing when someone lists

Smith, John (DNA PROVEN!) 
Born 3-16-1532 Northumberland,
England Died 12-1-1600 Massachusetts

How is it possible unless they went to Massachusetts and dug up his grave only to find dust and very brittle, non viable pulp in the marrow?  Can they add water and reconstitute it like hot cocoa?  Well actually they CAN - but they don't.  They pay it forward,  So when I am wrong, I admit it. At Roots Tech today I learned that basically what they do is take the paper genealogies of those people who claim lineage to someone famous, for example.  Then they do DNA tests on them.  When they find a chain leading back 10 generations of Y haplo groups, apparently that is all that is needed.  It's getting to be a more amazing world each day.  I hope I always learn something new every day of my life - esp…

How to use Newspapers dot com




What are Standards in Genealogy? Why are they important?

When we stick to the Standards, or what is allowed in a drop down feature of a website, we limit the amount of duplicate records drastically.  I thought it would be helpful if you know what is helpful to the database mechanics, and what is not.  These are just a few of the important ones.  As I uncover more, I will let you know.

When you fill up a field (name, date of birth, birthplace, etc.,), you are telling the database that you don't need it. You are telling it that you are done with that person and are positive that it is correct.
You are essentially telling it that you are smarter that it's logarithms and to move on,'re good!

Some people will get to a brick wall and do the following - these are all bad or poor choices and will not help you in your search.

1.  END of the line, written in the birth date or death date field.

  Really?  You can say with 100% certainty that in the year 1798 no one came before that person?  What about his mother?  How was he b…

Think before you click! Genealogy is more than just clicking and adding hints...

It dawned on me recently when I came across some erroneous data that some people are just clicking, thinking that ALL hints are valid in  Granted, Ancestry does a bang up job of finding relevant hints but you need to use discernment and logically plot out what was happening.

Scenario 1 - Young man, son of a deceased Tobacco Farmer in Virginia suddenly ends up on a North Carolina (500 miles away) census and marries a woman there.  Miraculously, they show up with the next census back in Virginia.  However, since both names were John and Sarah, the likelyhood that there was a duplicate couple who was married and lived in North Carolina is a very real possibility.  ....and here is why....

 First lets talk about education.   Leaving your home for college was a pretty difficult choice if there was traveling involved.  You could not really leave your farm abandoned or it would be taken over by interlopers and raided by "carpetbaggers".  When you returned it would be d…

What is this thing called Indexing?

Everyone is invited  to the  World Wide Indexing Event - 2016 - When? July 15, 16, 17 What?  It's a marathon event held at LDS Stake Centers, and Meeting Houses, EVEN your own home for 72 hours but at the Camelback Stake Building there will be FOOD!
Donate 1 hour or 4 - whatever you can! You don't have to do the whole 72 hours by yourself! Purpose:   We want at least 20 people from each ward or community (does not have to be LDS just interested in documenting history) Why?   Indexing is a relatively new way to document historical events.  Imagine someone opening a trunk in their attic and finding documents that no one has ever seen before.  They get out their phone or scanner and take pictures of these documents - which by the way, is great!

HOWEVER, The picture is only searchable by the name of the picture. Valuable information on the document is not searchable because when you click on the  picture of the birth or death certificate, nothing goes anywhere.
WHAT DO WE DO?   We look at pic…