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Just released! Deep Cover-Escape from Cancún - Sequel to Under Cover

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Escape from Cancún takes newlywed couple Andie and Anson from Under Cover on a new adventure. They travel from Malibu to Mexico on assignment with the FBI. This is a joint CIA/FBI experimental assignment to work together for the good of America. Their assignment, besides enjoying their honeymoon, is to find and acquire their target witness for the prosecution in the felony trial of a cartel leader, Luis Cardones. They need to get her to go willingly back to Los Angeles and testify. Andie’s part is to play an interior designer for a five-star resort in Cancún charged with designing the new “look” for the resort in time for the Grand Opening of Jardín del Sur, which will not only be a star-studded event, but the perfect opportunity to sneak away with Sangría Sanchez, the girlfriend of Luís Cardones. Of course, obstacles by the opposition, challenge their victory as well as personal and spiritual adventures like kidnapping, fear of flying, parasailing, wild anima…


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I hope you enjoy my latest book! It's all about an unlikely couple who are urged by family on one side of the veil and friends on the other to find each other and increase their happiness on this earth. They meet through a comedy adventure of miscommunications and errors and these well-meaning friends! However, they bond while helping the police solve a crime which happens on Summer's property.

Enjoy a clean love story, on me! Available this week on Amazon. Watch the trailer below:

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Writing Books, Self Reliance and Teaching others Self Reliance in their Businesses

Self-reliance...Charting your Destiny with Heavenly Father!

Recently I took a class with our Church on Self Reliance.  I went into it with the brakes on, stating, we didn't need to do this.  I was so wrong!
We learned so much!

 We forged bonds with other members and helped each other with marketing and networking ideas.  It was a lot of fun and we learned a lot about our businesses.  One of the first things we learned in the class is that we need to pray for our business to find out how Heavenly Father wants us to Proceed.  I do several things from Genealogy to Mystery Shopping, to Avon as Sales and Recruiting, to Consulting with others on their Businesses through Web Design, Marketing/Networking and Search Engine Optimization through placing in Directories and Search Engines and lastly, as a business slash hobby, I also make my own jewelry, so which of these things was I supposed to focus on for the class?  That was the first prayer.  The answer came back, "none of these, go…

Rules of Genealogy - What? There are rules????

There are truths, myths and  inaccurate items on the internet about Genealogy, or Family History.

There are truths and myths about Genealogy.  Old timey' genealogists are rolling over in their graves and the ones still alive are a little miffed at how easy it is to do this work now.  But is it really that easy?   If you are a CLICKER.....YES, it's easy, but not always accurate.  So before you start clickin' make sure you have checked and double checked your sources and that each document you find supports another one.

This means, for example, if you are finding a birth certificate and a death certificate and then you find a census for that person and for some reason there she is on the census, then is the death certificate valid?  Hmmm.  When you check the census from the years before, do all the kids names and ages line up?  So then you would not click on the death certificate to add it to your file, because you just proved with the census that she is still living 5 years…

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