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Rules of Genealogy - What? There are rules????

There are truths, myths and  inaccurate items on the internet about Genealogy, or Family History.

There are truths and myths about Genealogy.  Old timey' genealogists are rolling over in their graves and the ones still alive are a little miffed at how easy it is to do this work now.  But is it really that easy?   If you are a CLICKER.....YES, it's easy, but not always accurate.  So before you start clickin' make sure you have checked and double checked your sources and that each document you find supports another one.

This means, for example, if you are finding a birth certificate and a death certificate and then you find a census for that person and for some reason there she is on the census, then is the death certificate valid?  Hmmm.  When you check the census from the years before, do all the kids names and ages line up?  So then you would not click on the death certificate to add it to your file, because you just proved with the census that she is still living 5 years…

November Family HIstory Newsletter - NASW


Fun things for Families to do in Arizona during the Holidays!

First - if you have family coming into town, get their life story documented on video. the family history part out of the way!

Fun places to go!

Glendale Glitters

Zoo lights


I was there!  It was mentioned on Facebook and people went craaaaaaazy trying to get there - it was amazing.  Hang out there around noon on the 22nd or 23rd - maybe they will do it again!!!!


Los Angeles Temple Lights

Los Angeles Mormon Temple- Christmas Lights 2014 from Randy Smith on Vimeo.

Special Day for our Friends and Family - Our Annual Holiday Bazaar


This is a great day! New LDS Novels are Exciting!

Today is my birthday.  I almost got all my goals completed.  I've now lost 75 pounds since I lived in Newbury Park in 2008 and 6 of my 7 novels (that I wrote in 1988-1990) are up on Https:// Meyer's Author Page) .  I got all the videos for the book trailers completed and up on (also links are at the bottom here) - I think Private Eye Sloan or the Ocean Adventure are my favorites but it's a toss up - The one being uploaded to Amazon next week called Finding Mormon Treasure may be a close 3rd.  I am happier than I have ever been in my life because I heard from my two inactive kids (of 5) and it was very positive.  The Lord is shining on this day and I'm so grateful for every breath.  I think I'll go to the Temple today and meet my husband - could life get any better?

All of my books are free on Kindle Unlimited because it is more important to me that the world enjoy "clean" reading (no bad language) than to make…

Finding Mormon Treasure

Releasing this book on Amazon next week for Thanksgiving.  It will be #7 of #7 books that I had written in 1988-1992 which I never had the courage to publish.  This journey has been a dream come true.   Amazon makes it so easy to read inexpensively - the Club - is free, the Kindle is about 1.99 and the paperback will be about 6.00.
I hope you enjoy them.

New LDS Adventure mystery

New LDS Adventure Mystery....Thriller!

Join Lexie and Zack as they solve one of the most current International Crime Cases!

Watch this video.  Available on Amazon and Goodreads